Adam Oswald
Adam Oswald
Actor Mark Looney
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age 41
Occupation Wellington Group Leader
Family Brother - Jack Oswald (Deceased)
Sister-in-law - Selena Oswald
Boyfriend - Jordan (Deceased)
First Appearance "Fear the Living"
Last Appearance "Fear the Living"
Death Episode "Fear the Living"
Cause of Death Devoured by walkers.
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Fear the Living" Only.

Adam Oswald is a character that appeared in the first episode of Rise of the Walking Dead: Season Two. He is the leader of the Wellington Group and the brother of Jack Oswald.

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"Fear the Living"Edit

Adam first appears when him and his group discuss on what to do with the survivors who just arrived at their home. When his group stopped discussing, Adam friendly introduces him and his group to the other survivors. While everyone of the survivors remained quiet, Adam will start asking Bianca Jones for her name. Bianca can tell him her name, a fake name or remain quiet like the rest of her group.

Adam will then ask Bianca who's plan is better option, she can tell him his, Kelly or Jack's plan is the best.

If Bianca told Adam her fake name, he will call her by that name, otherwise he will just call her by her real name. Later, Adam is seen watching the survivors sleep, actually believing they are going to be a threat to his group. Adam takes his knife out and starts cleaning it from blood. Bianca can just continue secretly watching him or confront him about the bloody knife.

If Bianca confronts him, Adam will only tell her that he killed a walker earlier, but Bianca will only respond by saying "the blood isn't dark enough Adam". Adam will quickly apologize to Bianca and knock her out cold.

The next morning, Adam sits on the front porch of the house. Suddenly he gets eaten by walkers and screams Jack Oswald and Jordan's name. After Adam is killed, Jack, Jordan and Selene Oswald (Determinant) will blame Bianca and Dirk for Adam's death.

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