Beyond Reach
Season 2, Episode 2
Beyond Reach
Release Date PC/Mac
Fire HDX
Written By Ethan Hill
Directed By Robert Kirkman
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Cast Guide
Bianca Jones
Brooke Williams
Shel Jefferson
Abraham Ford
Hershel Greene*
Sophia Peletier
Beth Greene**
Also Starring
Carl Grimes
Carol Peletier
Rosita Espinosa
Jack Oswald
Selena Oswald
Tara Chambler
Mike Johnson*

**no lines

"Beyond Reach", retitled "Episode 8", is the second episode of Rise of the Walking Dead: Season Two.


The survivors ready themselves to defend themselves against Terminus and walkers. The survivors must be willing and ready to survive the harsh mountains by climbing them and not fear death by falling.

Decisions Edit

This list shows some of the choices made by players that were tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see ROTWD Statistics.

Bianca Jones' ChoicesEdit

Selfishness: Kept Carl's gun for yourself?

  • Left it alone - 65%
  • Took it - 35%

Jealousy: Who shot Rosita?

  • Let Brooke shoot her - 70%
  • You shot her - 30%

Burn: Burned the house down?

  • Burned the house - 51%
  • Ran away from the house - 49%

Promise: Promise to be Tara's best friend?

  • Promised her - 77%
  • Told her not to trust anyone - 23%

Mercy: Spared the last two cannibals?

  • Killed them - 55%
  • Spared them - 45%

Brooke Williams' ChoicesEdit

The Truth: Told Shel the truth?

  • Told her the truth - 54%
  • Lied to her - 46%

Alliance: Made an alliance with Gareth?

  • Threatened him - 60%
  • Refused the offer - 30%
  • Took the offer - 10%

Left Behind: Who did you leave behind?

  • Left Rita behind - 40%
  • Left Kelly behind - 30%
  • Left George behind - 25%
  • Left all three behind - 5%

Last Wish: Who shot the zombified Claudia?

  • You shot her - 52%
  • Mike shot her - 30%
  • Abraham shot her - 18%

Surprise: Ran after Rodney?

  • Ran after him - 80%
  • Let him run away - 20%

Credits Edit

Deaths Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode has 10 deaths maximum.
    • This is the first episode to have the same amount of deaths as the previous episode, which also has 10 deaths maximum.
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