Rise of the Dead
Season 1, Episode 1
Rise of the Dead
Written By Ethan Hill
Directed By Ethan Hill
Bob Smith
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Bianca Jones
Brooke Williams
Shel Jefferson
Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Glenn Rhee
Maggie Greene
Hershel Greene
Beth Greene
Also Starring
Lori Grimes
Mike Johnson
Carol Peletier
Jake Robertson
Carl Grimes
Hunter Jefferson
Abby Jefferson
Shane Walsh


"Rise of the Dead", retitled "Episode 1", is the first episode of the Rise of the Dead series.


As the world turned into nothing but chaos, two best friends, Bianca Jones and Brooke Williams try to come with terms with the new world full of zombies. However, after meeting various survivors on the way may make everything a little harder.


This list shows some of the choices made by players that were tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see ROTWD Statistics.

Bianca Jones' ChoicesEdit

Trust: Sided with Abby or Tom?

  • Sided with Abby - 55%
  • Sided with Tom - 45%

A Group: Convinced or threatened the group?

  • Convinced the group - 67%
  • Threatened the group - 33%

Survival: Taught Carl how to use a gun?

  • Taught Carl - 85%
  • Didn't teach Carl - 15%

The Barn: Shot the walkers or stayed with Beth?

  • Shot the walkers - 60%
  • Kept Beth calm - 40%

Life & Death: Who did you save?

  • Saved Bridgette - 52%
  • Saved Lia - 48%

Brooke Williams' ChoicesEdit

Precautions: Gave Shel a gun or a knife?

  • Gave a gun - 50%
  • Gave a knife - 50%

Loyalty: Who did you swore loyalty to?

Helpful: Who did you help?

Assassination: Let Rowan kill Shane?

  • Let her - 30%
  • Stopped her - 70%

Taking a Life: Who did you shoot?


Deaths Edit

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Reception Edit

Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC/Mac 83.3% 82
PlayStation 3 85.1% 84
PlayStation 4 87% 90
PlayStation Vita 82.5% 89
Xbox 360 83.8% 79
Xbox One 80% 75
iOS 90% 86
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