Rise of the Walking Dead: Season One
Cover Gallery
Developer Ethan Hill
Publisher Ethan Hill
Distributor AMC
Based On The Walking Dead
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Kindle Fire HDX
Episodes "Fear the Living"
"Beyond Reach"
"The Old Days"
"Last Piece of Hope"
"No Peace, Only War"
Succeeded By Rise of the Walking Dead: Season Three

Season 2, retitled Rise of the Walking Dead: Season Two or simply Rise of the Walking Dead S2, is the second set of episodes of the Rise of the Walking Dead series.


Title Episode Release Date Price Writer(s)
"Fear the Living" Episode One February 14, 2012 R80 Ethan Hill
"Beyond Reach" Episode Two March 27, 2012 R80 Ethan Hill
"The Old Days" Episode Three June 5, 2012 R80 Ethan Hill
"Last Piece of Hope" Episode Four August 30, 2012 R100 Kayla Kruger
Jimmy Molefe
"Forget" Episode Five October 18, 2012 R90 Ethan Hill
"No Peace, Only War" Episode Six (Finale) December 23, 2012 R100 Ethan Hill

Characters Edit


Introduced InEdit

"Fear the Living"Edit

"Beyond Reach"Edit

"The Old Days"Edit

"Last Piece of Hope"Edit


"No Peace, Only War"Edit

Deaths Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Like the first season, this season consists of six episodes.
    • It also features the romance system.
  • This season features Bianca Jones and Brooke Williams as the main protagonists again.
  • The season contains the maximum total of 51 deaths. (Including the "determinant" characters)
  • The main antagonists of the season were, Gareth, Dawn Lerner and Pete Anderson.
Episodes of Rise of the Walking Dead
Season 1 "Rise of the Dead" • "Lost" • "In Harm's Way" • "Survival" • "Too Far Gone" • "Death Upon Us"
Season 2 "Fear the Living" • "Beyond Reach" • "The Old Days" • "Last Piece of Hope" • "Forget" • "No Peace, Only War"
Season 3 "The Wolves" • "Beware" • "Whispers into Screams" • "Means to an End" • "All Fall Down" • "Redemption"

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