Season 1, Episode 3
Release Date PC/Mac
Fire HDX
Written By Ethan Hill
Directed By Lionsgate
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Cassidy Smith
Cooper Deacon
Ally Jones
Cato Hadley
Katniss Everdeen
Peeta Mellark*
President Snow
Seneca Crane
Also Starring
Haymitch Abernathy
Caesar Flickerman***
Cassandra Andrews
Dave Wild* **
Finnick Odair
Primrose Everdeen**
Effie Trinket

**no lines
***Doesn't appear

Decisions Edit

This list shows some of the choices made by players that were tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see FNAF Statistics.

Cassidy Smith's ChoicesEdit

New Alliance: Who did you give food?

  • Gave Rue some food - 55%
  • Gave Katniss food - 31%
  • Kept the food for yourself - 14%

Child: Who did you save?

  • Saved Rue - 53%
  • Saved Eddie - 47%

Catching Up: Caught Foxface?

  • Caught her - 61%
  • She got away - 39%

Girl on Fire: Did Katniss join the careers?

  • She joined them - 39%
  • She stayed with you and Rue - 45%
  • (Determinant)Went to look for Peeta - 6%

Burning Hot: Burned Clove's leg or face?

  • Burned her face - 52%
  • Burned her leg - 48%

Cooper Deacon's ChoicesEdit

Shiny: Stole Steam's sword?

  • Stole it - 47%
  • Didn't steal it - 53%

Sneaky: Sabotaged the mines instead of arming them?

  • Armed them for the careers - 41%
  • Sabotaged the mines - 59%

Helpful: Helped Thresh?

  • Helped him - 67%
  • Send him away - 33%

An Offer: Accepted Timon's offer?

  • Accepted his offer - 42%
  • Refused his offer - 58%

Risk: Helped Cato or Cassidy and Ally to escape?

  • Helped Cato - 23%
  • Helped Cassidy and Ally - 77%

Ally Jones' ChoicesEdit

Truth: Told Steam that you shot your fellow career?

  • Told him the truth - 14%
  • Lied to his face - 86%

Hatred: Killed Lisa?

  • Killed her - 60%
  • Let her live - 40%

Need for Food: Went hunting with Clove?

  • Went hunting with Clove - 92%
  • Stayed at camp - 8%

Feelings: Does Cato know about your feelings?

  • Admitted your feelings - 51%
  • Remained the loner you are - 9%
  • (Determinant) Silently slipped Cato's ring into his hands - 40%

Freedom: Freed Wilhelm and Rue?

  • Freed them - 58%
  • Left them in the camp - 42%

Credits Edit

Deaths Edit

Impacts Edit

From "Chosen"Edit

Cassidy's ChoicesEdit

  • If Cassidy comforted Eddie, he will tell Cassidy he is really happy to see her and gives her a hug.
  • If Cassidy told Eddie to toughen up, he will threaten her with his knife, telling her to keep her distance.
  • If Cassidy sided with Wilhelm instead of Cato, he will save Cassidy by killing Arnold.
  • If Cassidy didn't side with Wilhelm, he will only stay on the ground instead of helping Cassidy.

Cooper's ChoicesEdit

  • If Cooper helped Timon, he will mention this when offering Cooper an alliance.
  • If Cooper made a promise to protect Foxface, she will ask Cassidy (if caught) how he is doing.
  • If Cooper made an alliance with Steam (and steals his sword in this episode), Steam will accuse Cooper of stealing it and breaks the alliance off.
  • If Cooper befriended Thresh, he will start pleading with Cooper to get food from him, saying that Cooper is the only other one besides Rue to actually care about him.
  • If Cooper didn't befriend Thresh, his tone with Cooper will be more threatening when asking for food.

Ally's ChoicesEdit

  • If Ally took Cato's ring, she will be seen wearing it.
    • She can also give Cato his ring back when he asks her if she has feelings for him.
  • If Ally let Rue keep the knife (and didn't tell Cato the truth in EP2), she will be seen using it right through the episode.
  • If Ally gave Cato his knife back, he will be seen using it to threaten Cassidy, Rue and Wilhelm. Otherwise, he will be seen using his sword.
  • If Ally kept Cato's knife for herself, she can use it in many of the fights and can also use it to kill Lisa.
  • If Ally spared Brutus, he will appear in this episode.

From "Careers & Survivors"Edit

Cassidy's ChoicesEdit

  • If Cassidy took weapons, she will be seen with her weapon of choice before losing it in the river.
  • If Cassidy pushed Mia out of the way, Wilhelm have a burn mark on his shoulder.
  • If Cassidy pushed Wilhelm out of the way, Mia will have a burn mark on her arm.
  • If Cassidy didn't push anyone out of the way, she will have a burn mark on her leg.
  • If Cassidy managed to keep Glimmer alive, she will appear in this episode.
    • Glimmer will also help Cassidy and her friends throughout the episode.
  • If Mia left with Arnold, she will be killed.
  • If Cassidy left with Arnold, she will lose a piece of her ear and a cut mark on her cheek.

Cooper's ChoicesEdit

  • If you shot Cato, he will have a bandage over his shoulder.
  • If you shot Lisa, she will have a bandage over her stomach.
  • If you shot Clove, she will have a bandage over her shoulder and will also threaten Cooper that if he fails with the mines she will kill him.
  • If you gave Eddie food, he will ask Cassidy not to kill Cooper.
  • If you let Peeta join the careers, he will appear in this episode and will mostly help Cooper and Cassidy.
    • If not the Peeta will not appear in this episode and Cassidy can also convince Katniss to look for Peeta.
  • If you killed Jason, Marvel will praise Cooper in front of all the careers.
  • If Marvel killed Jason, he will mock and irritate Cooper the entire episode by calling him "useless".

Ally's ChoicesEdit

  • If you spared Dave, he will appear in this episode.
  • If you stole the bag, Thresh will mention to Cooper that someone stole his bag full food and accuses Glimmer or Marvel of stealing it.
  • If you shot Lisa, she will try to kill or let Ally die on several occasions and will threaten to tell Cato of what Ally did.
  • If you shot Cato, he will tell the careers to be on guard and will also show Ally an armor plate under his shirt, revealing that the shot backfired.
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