Actor Jessica Roberts
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Age 10
Occupation Student
Family Unnamed Father (Deceased) Mother - Jenny (Deceased)
Boyfriend - Billy (Deceased)
First Appearance "First Night"
Last Appearance "Five Children" (Alive)
Bloody Pizzeria (Dream)
Death Episode "Five Children".
Cause of Death Abdomen slashed open by the Purple Guy.
Status Dead
Series lifespan "First Night" to "Five Children".

Sally, also know as Sal by her friends, is a character that appeared in the first and second season of the FNAF series.

After her death, her souls became apart of the animatronic, Chica.

Involvement Edit

Season OneEdit

"First Night"Edit

Sally first appeared alongside Greg, Billy, Benjamin and Alexandra at their best friend's (Roxy Lane) birthday party.

Upon arriving at the Fazbear pizzeria, Sally and Alexandra were the only two who enjoyed being at the restaurant, unlike their other friends who felt crept out. She was the second one to wish Roxy a happy birthday and gives her a lovely hug.

For the rest of the party, Sally looked how the animatronics performed and mostly talked with her boyfriend, Billy.

Later, Sally left the pizzeria with Alexandra when Gamer Boy announced that there was a malfunction with the animatronics.

"Five Children"Edit

Sally is first seen eating breakfast with her mother, Jenny a day after Roxy's party. Samantha Lane or Manny Lane can speak with her after talking to Jenny. If spoken to, Sally will tell them that Billy and the others want to see what is behind hiding in the backroom. Samantha/Manny can tell Sally not to go or tell her to have fun with the others.

She goes into the backroom with Billy, Greg, Benjamin, Roxy, Alexandra and Jeremy Fitzgerald (Determinant) to follow someone into the backroom.

Before he could do anything, the man closes the door and starts to kill Greg. Sally hides under the table while Purple Guy kills Greg, Benjamin and Billy. Before he could reach Sally, Manny/Jeremy and Roxy starts to yell at the man, seemly angering him. He got so angry he blocked them out and dragged Sally out under the table and kills her in front of them, the only witnesses.

"Pirate's Cove"Edit

It is mentioned by Roxy and Alexandra (Determinant) that Sally had a father who died from a car accident. If Alexandra is alive, she will also mention that Foxy was Sally's favourite animatronic.

"Lost Souls"Edit

Sally's body is seen inside The Puppet's gift box when Manny learns the truth (that Puppet stuffed them in the animatronic suits) about what really happened with Sally and the others after they were killed.

Season TwoEdit

"Bloody Pizzeria"Edit

In Roxy's nightmare, she watches how brutally her friends were slaughtered by the man, at some point looking at Sally for the last before she wakes up from seeing Bonnie.

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  • Billy (Indirectly Caused)

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