Sue Gordon
Sue Gordon
Actor Melissa Lambert
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age 43
Occupation Waitress
Family Sister - Jane Gordon (Deceased)
First Appearance "First Night"
Last Appearance "First Night"
Death Episode "First Night".
Cause of Death Head bashed in with a guitar by Toy Bonnie.
Status Dead
Series lifespan "First Night" Only.

Sue Gordon is a minor character that appeared in the first season.

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"First Night"Edit

In the beginning of the episode, her sister Jane Gordon questions people around the restaurant about her disappearance and showing them a picture of Sue. Jane also asks Jeremy Fitzgerald about her disappearance and he can shoo Jane away, tell her a rumor about Sue or convince her that he wasn't responsible for Sue's disappearance.

Later, Manny Lane, Mike Schmidt and Jane finds Sue locked in a closet. When they let Sue out, she reveals the truth about being locked up and will ask Manny to promise her that he will not tell anyone. When they heard Balloon Boy's laugh, Sue immediately told everyone to run.

They arrive at the exit, but Manny refuses to leave his aunt and cousin behind. Sue and Jane tries to convince him to leave, but all attempts failed when Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica approached them. Sue pushed Manny out of the way and gets her head bashed in by Toy Bonnie's guitar.

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