Season 1, Episode 4
Release Date PC/Mac
Fire HDX
Written By Ethan Hill
Directed By Liam Ainsworth
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Cast Guide
Bianca Jones
Brooke Williams
Shel Jefferson
Rick Grimes
Daryl Dixon
Glenn Rhee
Maggie Greene
Hershel Greene
Beth Greene
Tyreese Williamson
The Governor
Also Starring
Mike Johnson*
Carl Grimes
Hunter Jefferson
Sasha Williamson

**no Lines

"Survival", retitled "Episode 4", is the fourth episode of Rise of the Walking Dead: Season One.


Believing that Brooke Williams died during the zombie attack in the prison, Bianca Jones tries to cope with the lost of her best friend, but she has to push those feelings aside to continue in helping the fellow survivors from the prison and Woodbury.

Decisions Edit

This list shows some of the choices made by players that were tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see ROTWD Statistics.

Bianca Jones' ChoicesEdit

Secrecy: Kept Hunter's gun a secret?

  • Told nothing to Shel or Rick - 74%
  • Told Shel and/or Rick about the gun - 26%

An Upgrade: Upgraded the guns or defense?

  • Upgraded the guns - 80%
  • Upgraded the defense of the prison - 20%

Forgive: Forgave Tom?

  • Forgave Tom - 50%
  • Blamed Tom - 50%

Roommates: Allowed Tyreese to move in?

  • Allowed him - 59%
  • Let him stay with Sasha - 39%

Friendship: Comforted Maggie?

  • Comforted her - 85%
  • Let her grieve - 15%

Brooke Williams' ChoicesEdit

Mercy: Pushed Duncan out of the way?

  • Didn't do anything - 66%
  • Pushed him out of the way - 34%

Sick: Helped Hershel with Glenn?

  • Helped him - 60%
  • Let him do it himself - 40%

Naming: Told Lizzie to stop naming walkers?

  • Told her to stop - 90%
  • Let her be - 10%

Security: Killed the walkers?

  • Killed them - 92%
  • Warned the group - 8%

Paramour: Who did you romance?

Credits Edit

Deaths Edit

Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of Sasha Williamson.
  • First appearance of Mika Samuels.
  • First appearance of Lizzie Samuels.
  • First (and last) appearance of Brian.
  • First (and last) appearance of Shani.
  • First appearance of Patrick.
  • First appearance of Nora.
  • Last appearance of Nick.
  • Last appearance of Duncan. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Lindsay Reynolds.
  • This is the first episode of the series to include a romance.
    • It is also the first series to feature the romance system.
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