The Hunger Games
Hunger Games
Cover Gallery
Developer Gamekiller22
Publisher Suzanne Collins
Distributor Lionsgate
Based On The Hunger Games
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Episodes "Chosen"
"Careers & Survivors"
"The Feast"
Preceded By N/A
Succeeded By The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Title Episode Release Date Price Writer(s)
"Chosen" Episode One January 12, 2014 R200 Ethan Hill
"Careers & Survivors" Episode Two April 1, 2014 R100 Ethan Hill
"Rivalries" Episode Three June 22, 2014 R100 Ethan Hill
"The Feast" Episode Four August 30, 2014 R100 Ethan Hill
"Bloodbath" Episode Five October 31, 2014 R100 Ethan Hill

Characters Edit

These names shows the episodes in which a character makes a debut in the season.


"Careers & Survivors"Edit



Deaths Edit

Trivia Edit

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