Vikings: Season One
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Developer Ethan Hill
Michael Hirst
Publisher Ethan Hill
Distributor Michael Hirst
Based On Vikings
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Kindle Fire HDX
Episodes "Tradition"
"Dawn of the New Era"
"This Means War"
"Blood Eagle"
"Wrath of the Vikings"
"The Storm"
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Succeeded By TBA

Season 1, retitled Vikings: Season One or simply Vikings Season 1 or Vikings S1, is the first set of episodes of the Vikings Series.


Title Episode Release Date Price Writer(s)
"Tradition" Episode One February 27, 2014 R100 Michael Hirst
Ethan Hill
"Dawn of the New Era" Episode Two April 12, 2014 R100 Michael Hirst
"This Means War" Episode Three June 30, 2014 R100 Michael Hirst
"Blood Eagle" Episode Four August 21, 2014 R100 Ethan Hill
"Wrath of the Vikings" Episode Five October 1, 2014 R100 Michael Hirst
"The Storm" Episode Six December 17, 2014 R100 Ethan Hill
Michael Hirst

Characters Edit

These names shows the episodes in which a character makes a debut in the season.


"Dawn of the New Era"Edit

"This Means War"Edit

"Blood Eagle"Edit

"Wrath of the Vikings"Edit

"The Storm"Edit

Deaths Edit


  • This season consists of 6 episodes.
  • This season has 4 protagonists.
  • This season has 30 deaths, including the "determinant" characters.
Episodes of Vikings Series
Season 1 "Tradition" • "Dawn of the New Era" • "This Means War" • "Blood Eagle" • "Wrath of the Vikings" • "The Storm"